Corrupt Vision – These Hands Of Mine

These Hands Of Mine is the debut album from Californian punks Corrupt Vision. Hailing from Orange County, CA, a region with a well-documented history of both punk and hardcore, Corrupt Vision certainly bring the fury on this Toxic Wotsit release. So let’s get into it.

These Hands Of Mine kicks off with the scathing Failure To Thrive, it’s a solid indication of things to come and a clear statement of intent. Intensity is the order of the day here as Corrupt Vision go in hard with their unique fusion of hardcore punk and more extreme takes on the sound. The infusion of blast beats and occasional hellish retched vocals, betray a possible first-wave of British grindcore influence.

It’s a trait that carries over into second track Idol Killer. It’s on tracks such as this, along with later tracks such as Life Is Expensive, where Corrupt Vision demonstrate their keen knack for switching neatly between the extremity of the grindcore to a straight-up punk rock charge. The cold desolation, atmospherics and howl of black metal can also be heard echoing around this record at times.

Third track I love Emilia takes on the nihilistic sonic aesthetics of Discharge, as it deals with the subject of manic depression. Lyrically These Hands Of Mine walks a tightrope between the profoundly personal/traumatic and socio/political themes.

Tracks such as Useless God and Get Out Your Guns, bring the ska sound to this dark party. Useless God makes awesome use of off-beat ska, with a neat and unexpected counterpoint in the form of rough and ready wailing guitar leads over this. Corrupt Vision are seemingly never ones to do things by the book. The gang vocals on this track are also welcome addition.

Penultimate track Black has an interesting chugging intro, which is then subtly augmented by further guitars swelling ominously underneath it.

It’s not long before we’re careering into final track Eastbound which is a neat full stop to the album, and smart summation of everything that had come before it. It’s by far one of the catchier moments of the record with its sing along latter section which I can only imagine being a live favourite.

This is another great release from Toxic Wotsit Records. Get on it.

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